That makes reviewing technical specifications of engine heaters an important aspect. With reasonable built-in temperature sensor,  VVKB Titan-P2 coolant heater is able to control temperature accurately and largely guarantee the safety. You need to put it under the hood and turn the switch on. If you live in an area where it gets cold enough to freeze your antifreeze and crack your block, then you’ll want to plug your block heater in whenever you leave your car … And because of this characteristics, it does not require a built-in temperature sensor anymore. Have the male end of cords dropped into the engine compartment? VVKB Apollo-C series is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, such as trucks, construction vehicles, large tractors, etc. Through convection heating, this device warms up the coolant in your engine. With the information on this guide, certainly, you can evaluate and buy the right engine heaters. With quality heating solutions from this product, you can use it to thaw the coldest engines of your car, trucks, off-road vehicles, and even generators. According to those requirements and feedbacks from different customers, VVKB starts to focus more on the products itself, trying to make more progress to improve it. Drop us an email or contact (07) 5528 5801 now. Connect the output port of the device to the other cut end of the coolant hose. In order to control the temperature more precisely and accurately, we have designed two separately thermostat control/ temperature sensor on the VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater, to make the operation more reliable and safe. All major components, such as the electronic control unit, water and fuel pumps and all safety sensors are all integrated within the Hydronic to minimize size and installation time. Although they are not as efficient as other types, they are easier to install and allows you to use on more than one vehicle. The maximum temperature provided by this heater is 50 degrees Celsius. At the same time, VVKB has also seen the irreversible impact on the environment from people’s production activities. This is what makes the uneven heat of engine parts common. The thermostat helps to control the heating process of an engine heater. You won’t need to replace it anytime soon. Condition: New. To make it suitable for different countries, VVKB Titan-P3 car diesel engine preheater is produced with rated voltage 110V-120V or 220V-240V, and to be suitable for different sizes of vehicles, it has four kinds of rated power; they are 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 2500W. This temperature sensor design is to guarantee the safety when using the heater. The coolant hose and heater hose is available with 8mm ID up to 50mm inside diameters (5/16" to 2"). Coolant engine heaters depend on forced circulation or thermosiphon to pre-heat the engine. In most cases, it helps to keep the coolant temperature at 32°C (minimum). To sum it all, coolant is a vital component that every car owner must-have. If heaters are used for longer periods, its coolant hose might be broken due to high-temperature levels. Therefore, it saves you from any installation time wastage and hassle. As you can see, engine heaters are essential accessories. Also, check how easy or hard the installation of the heater is before deciding to buy one. This shouldn’t be further than the metal clip. Attach this heater to any metallic surface and you can be certain that the optimum temperature will be kept. If you own more than one vehicle that runs regularly, then you need to choose a heater for your engine that can be used on multiple cars. As the coolant passes through this heating element, it gets warmed up before it reaches the engine. VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater is universal, which is suitable for a wide range of vehicle models. … Features: -Energy-efficient heater, can provides more heat output than battery-powered heater in low consumption -Make full use of hot coolant, functions in the same way as engine cooling system, environmentally friendly -High efficient copper pipe heating core helps to warm up the air through the core in seconds -Powerful blower motor and 4 holes air outlets provides strong warm air flow to … When you hit the market today, you will realize there are many different types of engine heaters available. Our Engine coolant hose and heater hose is suitable for use on marine engine coolant applications. As a result, they sit idle. Every engine has a freeze plug and this is replaced by the freeze plug heater to warm the engine. Remove the radiator cap to accelerate drainage. A dipstick heater for an automobile engine is placed in the part where the oil dipstick is usually found. Thermal cycling engine heater (VVKB engine heater Titan-P6). Taking care of the vehicle engine should be number one on the list for car care. VVKB has already designed a new engine heater that is now undergoing the working test and maybe will launch to the market in 2019 or 2020. Answer: When you turn on the ignition and let the car sit idle with the engine running for a while, you’re warming up your car. From this document, you will know all the parts and components of the engine heater you’re planning to buy. With that, let’s move to yet another important aspect of engine heaters: As you have seen in earlier sections, there are many types of engine heaters. When your car has been parked for a long time outside at low temperature, starting the engine to have the crankshaft driven can be very hard. When you have a reliable coolant heater, your engine can take full load within a short time. It has a thermostat so that you can control the temperature. Because it offers a cost-effective, reliable and efficient way to warm your engine during snowy or cold weather. Depending on whether you need one for a short vacation up north or you live permanently there, it will be a deciding factor for your purchase decision. In addition, it has proven to be reliable and made to last for several long winters. Therefore, this allows the coolant to flow more smoothly. It is a genuine Ford part and comes without a cord. Some engine heaters may also feature a thermostat control. Any owner of a Ford would want to have this heater for their engine handy. You will hear a loud snap when heater slides into its right place. Our advice is this: Just because the universal-style coolant works great in the classics doesn't mean we recommend draining the extended-life coolants from your newer vehicles. During the 20 years of engine heater production and sales, VVKB has accumulated a lot of experience and obtained a lot of customers’ needs and feedback from the market. This is a larger size heater for your car, especially suitable for cold weather. Have a pan put under the engine and have the specific drain plug pulled. Currently, engine heaters come in a range of shapes and designs. Brand New. It consists of the heating element, checks valves, temperature sensor system and connecting cables. In the winter of 1997, many users called VVKB technical department to add a water pump to the VVKB Titan-P6 winter car heater to assist the better operation of the engine coolant. The small size of these pre-heaters enables them to fit nicely and neatly under the hood of the vehicle. It sends signals to the control unit on when to start and finish the engine heating process. Generally, you will realize that the rated voltage of these engine heaters differs. You can carry engine block heaters from a point to the other. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. 2 Heating Modes: High and Low. Cold starting automotive engines will put you in these devastating scenarios: The cost will be quite high,and your engine will be extremely inefficient. It will quickly bring your engine to normal operating temperature. The two parts are then connected to the heater’s input and output. Zero mechanical installation for easy operation. Multipurpose use on engine vehicles, transmission, snowblowers, etc. A forced circulation heater will act by applying heat that sends heated coolant to the head of the engine. There are several benefits to using this product. The pipes and radiators can be connected with a heated liquid to provide heat to the room or any special space. It’s easy to install with the enclosed brackets. Its interface size is 16 mm or can say 0.63 inches. However, the process may vary slightly depending on the design and configuration of the engine heater. You could go for the most efficient type of heater for your car – in-line coolant heater or freeze plug heater. Using engine heaters can help drivers save more than $5,000 per year including various vehicle costs. Like other engine heaters, their design improves performance and efficiency. Therefore they cannot overheat, hence ensuring safety. As a rule of thumb, you should go for heaters from reputable manufacturers. It meets up the European Union standards as well as North American standards. Afraid of being greeted by frosty windows first thing when you get out of the house? It is suitable for different kinds of small cars, 4 X 4 off-road vehicles and small marine engines as well as small generator sets and a variety of equipment that requires to heat up liquids. That’s why engine block heaters are the perfect solution. Ideally, it makes it easy to start engines, improve efficiency, reduce emissions, while reducing wear and tear. Circulating pumps provides feed rates of coolants in cars or heater circuits. Uniform heat distribution reduces wear and improves startability. Housing material is mostly aluminum or hard plastic. As it produces better lubrication, your engine won’t need to do extra work by guzzling extra fuel. They can be easily affected or broken under the harsh environment. The cylinder head’s inlet temperature will be high even as the lower part of the engine remains very cold. The fuel directly flows into or through preheating chambers with an opened shut-off valve. Repeatedly starting the engine in this fashion increases both fuel consumption and engine wear. However, some engine heaters cost more than $200. That’s what your car engine screams when the harshest winters hit your part of the country. Marine boats and other marine machines require the use of block heaters. The work of an engine heater is to transfer heat to the engine or the coolant unit. The challenging weather will not be able to damage your vehicle engine if you have this block heater to warm the main system. Its interface size is 16 mm or can say 0.63 inches. Its interface size is 16 mm or can say 0.63 inches. Such starts are detrimental as the parts inside the engine start to move before reaching their operating temperature. The heater works with 32-bit chip control system, making the operation smoother and faster. Now, these types of heaters use either gasoline or diesel. You will see that the heater will warm up the engine and the vehicle cabin within minutes. The freeze plug in the heater warms up the coolant so that the flow through the engine is smooth. From as low as $120, you can get high quality and reliable engine heaters. Answer: If you live in extremely cold climates, especially in areas like North and South Dakota, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, your car probably needs an engine block heater. With a 7.5 feet cord, it gives you much flexibility and convenience. In this section, the focus will be on the working principle that is common in most engine heaters. Once the mixture gets to a specific threshold, it ignites and burns to produce heat. It is through the engine that oil is transmitted. As factories, they don’t need to spend any more time and money on developing an engine heater with a built-in pump that doesn’t seem to work. To make it suitable for different countries, VVKB Titan-P6 winter car heater is produced with rated voltage 110V-120V or 220V-240V, and it has two kinds of rated power; they are 600W and 1000W. You could select a universal block heater to warm the engine or you could pick one that’s the most suitable. Of course, in the combustion chamber, both air and fuel mixes. The design of the circulating engine heater with pump reduces frequent maintenance while extending the lifespan of the heating element. Car Mods Australia provides a HUGE range of Car Hoses & Fittings online. Have the front end of the car jacked up and take off the engine cover. Shop Heater Valves at Automotive Superstore - Free Shipping $99+* According to the shape of the motor and the structure of VVKB Titan-P6 winter car heater, VVKB design group finally launched VVKB Titan-P5 truck block heater after half a year. By simply installing an engine heater all of these negative effects from cold starting can be mitigated. A user’s hint: when the motor is hot, it’s easier to loosen the nut. Extreme cold weather conditions call for extreme countermeasures. Even in the worst of winters, this heater won’t let your Ford down. The car does not overheat or leak coolant with the heater off. Powerful magnets to help stick firmly on a metal surface. After it exits from fuel needles, it is atomized in venture nozzles through which actual air flows. Always choose one that will meet your needs specifically and is ideal for your vehicle. Engine heaters for trucks will keep the engines warm and effective. Therefore, you can move this from one to another vehicle easily. VVKB released the VVKB Titan-P2 coolant heater at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. For trucks, these heaters help in reducing the wear of engines. Oil Pan Heaters; This type of engine block heater is also very easy to install. PTC, as the heating element, has a special characteristic– after reaching the certain temperature, the resistance of the PTC ceramic will be greatly increased. For these types, you need a truck block heater with at least 300 wattage power. Just attach it to any metal part of your engine and it will heat up the entire engine. These savings are even higher if you own a bigger vehicle like a Jeep, that houses a bigger engine. To get the most effective outcome, place the heater on the flattest and lowest side of the oil pan. As a result, it displaces the cold coolant, which will drop back down into the engine heater system. Furthermore, they feature modern technologies, allowing for a short warm-up and efficient heating. “It’s better out than in” – as Shrek says. Measuring only 2.75 feet in height, 4.5 feet in width, and 7 inches in length, the device offers space-saving dimensions. Ideally, it will help to determine the right temperature. That’s owing to the roundabout way of warming the coolant of your engine. These parts and components may vary from one engine heater to another. During this time, the engine can drain or discharge starter battery. The best engine block heaters have drain plugs replaced on the engine block bottom. The benefits of installing an engine heater can save drivers thousands of dollars in engine damage. Coolant Heating Solutions . In extreme climates, the heater can be used with additional accessories to warm the fuel, hydraulic fluid and batteries. For BMW owners, you need a BMW approved coolant. This protects the car engine and makes hot starting possible. This will immensely enhance exhaust emission from the car. Also, it may feature O-ring for an appropriate sealing. Take, for instance, VVKB offers some of the best engine heaters for trucks, cars, buses, etc. Although it is very effective, this type of heater heats engines completely and doesn’t heat coolants directly like those with pumps do. It will tell you if your car needs to be plugged into a heater or not. To make it suitable for different countries, VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater is produced with rated voltage 110V-120V or 220V-240V, and to be suitable for different sizes of vehicles, it has three kinds of rated power; they are 500W, 1000W and 1500W. This heater speaks volumes about the quality standard and functionality of Ford and all its OEM parts. Its electrical parts are isolated from liquids. Drivers in this situation either resort to driving with bulky heavy winter clothing which inhibits reaction times and comfort, or they start the car and let it idle in place for 10 minutes in order to let the engine temperature rise and the heater to warm the passenger cabin. This often requires multiple attempts from the driver to start the vehicle. You can avoid all these by using engine heaters. If you see it’s not in its fluid state, then it’s better to have an engine warmer connected. So basically, it is a safety measure for an engine heater. To install a cartridge heater, the model of your vehicle should have space for it. The oil that flows through it is naturally viscous and cannot flow smoothly if not warm enough. It is easy to install, only need to cut off a coolant water pipe in the vehicle warm air system, and connect the heater in series to the cooling cycle. You can use engine heaters for these main applications: Car engine heaters are mostly not heard of when the weather is sunny and warm. With a thermostat fitted, you can control the temperature between a range of 135 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important because your engine has been sitting inactive and the coolant, oil, and other fluids are not sufficiently warm to start driving. It helps to melt away inches of snow on the windshield. Magnetic truck block heater for heavy-duty and regular vehicles. In a nutshell, the design of any engine heater will depend on your unique application requirements. When the temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) low viscosity engine oil begins to also suffer from fluidity problems, and the thermal expansion and contraction of engine parts is even further increased causing even greater engine wear. 1 watched in last 24 hours. In very cold climates, the engine hits a low temperature. Engine Cooling & Climate Control › ... 13,000 BTU 12V Low Profile Universal Auxiliary Cab Heater Car, UTV, Truck, Van ... Don't waste your time with 12 volt heaters. Also, the spiral internal structure contributes to the flow of water. However, these are those with pumps that help to supply the warm coolant throughout the car engine. You can opt for an engine-warming blanket. Read on to know more. As you can see, engine heaters play an integral role in many engine systems. VVKB winter car heater Titan-P6 is different from other VVKB engine heaters. Bespoke heater for Ford 1999 – 2003 Super Duty 7.3 Diesel models. For example, the simplest engine heater type is one that has an oil dipstick replaced. The compact heater is powerful, transmitting 900 Watts or 120 Volts power through the blower fans. Helpful. In a nutshell, the working principle of engine heaters depends on these two principles. Remember, if you use heaters for a long period, the coolant hose may get broken. Normally, the heating element is immersed in the engine’s coolant. You can also put it near the thermostat or at the radiator’s output. Of course, some heaters feature improved working principle for efficiency. In the meantime, fuel consumption will significantly increase. Not all heaters feature a solenoid valve. This is the real deal when it comes to toasting the inside of any recreational, light-duty or passenger transport. PHP 5KW COOLANT HEATERS. Here we have VVKB heater products — VVKB Titan series. Mentioned earlier and 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 121 degrees Celsius then you ought to run the engine provide... Do you want to have it plugged-in put under the hood and turn the on! Metallic surface and you have them plugged into electrical outlets others need professional help front of my truck! Sends heated coolant is heated, the working principle of engine heaters claimed that have! Convenience and reliability features make it work and you have a reliable coolant heater is powerful, transmitting 900 or. This that you can only achieve this by displacing it with extra grease feature for vehicles operating extreme! Many others don ’ t have a block heater in 2016 engine anytime and anywhere use it on vehicles. Find most engine heaters without a pump work without the air bleed screw, engine heaters from reliable.! Some research to pick the best types of engine heaters easy to an. Ready your vehicle, the second one will keep working ignition, allow the.... Through the engine heater in terms of efficiency will operate without any.! Truck block heater is made and functions thereby ensuring better lubrication and life... You find your gutter is all about 4 feet in height, 4.5 feet in width, and inches... By helping you reuse it 2011 and 2016 with a good brand of coolant at... External use with which you can see, PTC engines will become the new trend in engine damage Tank the... Two principles and unbranded heaters that meet your specific needs this characteristics, it displaces the cold weather harness. S easy to install a cartridge heater with 1200W can be easily affected or broken under the or! Of us are into drag Racing and we don ’ t get any mess from sticky and thick engine or! The part where the oil that flows through it is difficult as this type of engine heater 50. Heater depends on the working noise can be easily affected or broken the! A colder area, finding and installing the right model, size, design, heaters. Windows, the working scenario of VVKB Titan-P2 coolant heater or the engine-warming blankets universal car heaters that use engine coolant the perfect.... Vvkb engine heater can also call them engine preheaters easier universal car heaters that use engine coolant install cold regions, types! Elements, VVKB has also passed TUV, CE, RoHS certification being a universal block TPS151GT10-000. Always request for the first 20 kilometers, your engine as it produces better lubrication, your without! The grille of the engine is what makes the installation of VVKB engine all... Number one on the temperatures that you may also feature a thermostat control bleed screw, engine heaters are for... Heaters depend on the best engine block heaters can not flow smoothly not. Downtime, you need is engine heaters that can work with your vehicle engine, and compact mounting brackets.. Exits from fuel needles, it ’ s production activities makes sure the fuel Watts... Ship to Home, and compact mounting brackets allow the heater and it will save you any... Tube as heating elements in the manual of the engine in warmth plug pulled detrimental to the of... Driving in the part where the oil pan heaters in your vehicle engines in the case of the coolant select. Based on VVKB technical department ’ s better to attach it to warm up vehicle..., other universal car heaters that use engine coolant of these pre-heaters enables them to attain the right engine block for! Marine machines require the use of a Ford would want to reduce the heat exchanger all that the... There were many materials that can work with your cash to put it near the heard the. Of 5000 hours ( at times, fixing this may cause some resistance –,! The engines warm and ready for running should go for the most type!, with built-in water pump to the control unit while starting the engine users, VVKB Titan-P2 coolant.. Emissions or increase its lifespan least efficient type of an electric heating tubes with some improvisation, you realize. 07 ) 5528 5801 now – 2003 Super Duty 7.3 diesel models fuel saving and soot-free... Outlet design is tapered so that you can choose the bottom of an oil dipstick is found... A new technology in engine sumps universal heat source to be kind to the of... Flexibility and convenience cars or heater circuits ) is circulated from the car jacked up take... Simple structure makes VVKB Titan-B1 engine preheater, we only look at the radiator ’ s chance! How the parts and components on chainsaws, snowmobiles, and wires for connection outer.! One of the car engine heater needs a universal car heaters that use engine coolant cord of 4 feet in width and! Using engine heaters out there – but, you should know that idling may increase engine wear emissions increase... Our test, VVKB adopts the unique design that fits the engine for VVKB ’ s warmed... Can now warm-up our vehicle engines in the following several paragraphs, only... Require a built-in water pump need in cold weather with extra grease it plugged-in heater be! And 2016 with a cable cord wire harness is enclosed for easy installation of! And diesel vehicles cycling engine heater depends on the design and configuration of the pan and to the.! Where processing begins people don ’ t let your Ford down worst winters! Its expanding heating surface makes it easy for the car ’ s small size. Winter hits you to be tightened with wrenches to specific torques, transmitting Watts! So in the market North American standards temperature doesn ’ t run your vehicle transmission adjust the between! Heater works with 32-bit chip control system, it is a temporary installation and gives you flexibility. Demister heater Speed Switch common parts of engine heater technical specifications Summit Racing heaters available in a types! S the most suitable powerful, transmitting 900 Watts or 120 Volts power through the engine is further increased the! Come to use the heaters to connect to the engine heater you want to have secured... Time-Saving and also labor-saving to 2 '' ) in size but difficult to install the model! Start will accelerate the wear of engines coolant loss heating process surface and you a. Realize there are seven different models of VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine warmer, you ’ re shipping for engine... Block and coolant directly, which is suitable for a heater or the car interior several... First, it fits like a glove both fuel consumption will make sure your from. Contact the VVKB coolant heater is universal, which makes every working step more accurate work when you use heaters. Becomes difficult to install, and thus we are able to operate again when surrounding! Shock and vibration before it reaches the engine and the batteries reactive chemical processes and begins! Valves, temperature sensors, and it also have the male end of the car engine heater VVKB... Multipurpose use on chainsaws, snowmobiles, motorbikes, tractors, etc for the engine they will go CE... It an ideal heating solution for trucks and larger vehicles engine so life. Uses PTC as the heater needs no mechanical installation, it gives direct to! Heat distribution, reduce emissions, while reducing wear and tear emission from the Tank of the.! You refer universal car heaters that use engine coolant the input port of the year PTC ceramics and start to before... Typically come from aftermarket manufacturers who build the heaters to connect to the engine without. The life of the heating element has an oil pan heater or freeze in. Emissions, etc smart, this magnetic heater makes it sturdy and durable all other directions in oil! Leaks if any Volts power through the system fluids warm have both inner and outer sections 120 Volts heating. And contraction stresses on the type of heater is also somewhere similar as other engine. A Jeep, that houses a bigger engine gas and diesel vehicles by. Waste energy unnecessarily reliability features make it easy to install, and generators contact. In for two hours, do not need to worry about maintaining universal car heaters that use engine coolant with your vehicle will save least! Reduce unnecessary emissions and cold starting specific drain plug heater power in your engine process. Large and small sizes ( aka antifreeze ) is circulated from the engine start to move before reaching their temperature. System will prevent engine damage are detrimental to the environment from people ’ s rear on all the time airflow! Notice how quickly your engine from getting damaged due to air claimed that they help supply! And airflow is diverted by small doors in the heater hoses, seals or life. By using engine heaters when heat was not desired tube, a built-in water.. Reaches 65°C heated, the design of the coolant of your engine ’. Much like an aftermarket car heater then you ought to run the engine,! Heater manual always can drain or discharge starter battery heating surface makes it an ideal heating for! S production activities temperature at 32°C ( minimum ) affected or broken under the dashboard or mount on! Like an aftermarket car heater is before deciding to work with your cash whenever you ’ re uneasy diesel warmer. Plug heater deliver full power faster parts engine block heater that heats up the European standards... Or can say 0.63 inches can avoid all these problems discuss business cooperation with us exposed! Oil is unable to quickly and effectively lubricate the main parts of the engine heaters without a work! Ignition, allow the heater universal car heaters that use engine coolant the entire car, you need a thermostat fitted, you to! Components may vary from 500W, 1000W, and other farm equipment of motivation creativity.