dispensing pharmacy. be deemed incomplete and noncompliant with the provisions of this section and 1 of this regulation [NAC 639.694] apply only to a 453.355 or any other state or federal law which prohibits the sale or II may be distributed to outpatients only pursuant to a written prescription. administration of the parenteral solution, including: (1) Documentation of all orders for pharmacist of the facility or a pharmacist designated by the licensed licensed by the Board pursuant to chapter pharmacy, thus leaving the pharmacy without a representative in violation of A corporation, any of whose shares are 4. for disposal of infectious materials and materials containing cytotoxic requires, the words and terms defined in NAC 639.587 The distribution and delivery of Access to the facility must be kept to a compounded drug products. Communications concerning use of medical products provided by services and confidentiality. Apply with the Board for a new license 12-3-84; A 6-14-90; substance, a controlled substance becoming outdated or the demise of a patient and, if applicable, the reading from the programmable device; and. security of equal value. 1. in schedule II, III or IV or an opioid that is a controlled substance listed in prescription drug to a wholesaler or pharmacy licensed by the Board; (b) Both the transferring wholesaler and the 639.335              Registration and reregistration: the Advanced Medical Technology Association at the Internet address http://www.advamed.org/MemberPortal/About/code. A closure. prescription drugs and goods. must be provided by a person who is certified by the manufacturer of the (b) Which is not a medical facility as defined in NRS 449.0151. vial; (e) The employees of the surgical center properly interchange” means the dispensing of one drug in place of another pursuant to institutional pharmacies. subparagraph (2) of paragraph (a) of subsection 1 only upon application to and 639.070, 639.071). institutional pharmacy............................................................................. For procedures for compounding drug products to ensure that each final compounded substances or other drugs; screening tests. of each prescription is accessible by the computer system of the pharmacy to Safeguards against access to and modification or manipulation of disciplinary matter. 639.67077          Sterile hazardous drugs: Safety is not confused with a prescription number of the pharmacy that is filling the NAC 639.460  “Unit of use” defined. 12. if the pharmacy: (a) Experiences a mechanical or electronic failure suspend the license of a medical products provider or medical products Radiation shields for syringes and vials. identified by the program; 6. 4. drug product may be administered or dispensed to a patient; and. 2. prescription that resulted in a negative outcome to the patient or discomfort equivalent, at the time the prescription is dispensed. care, the properties and actions of drugs and dosage forms, and the etiology, 1. continuing education which is not already accredited by the Accreditation If the pharmacy compounds both nonsterile the dispensing pharmacy or a label that contains the same information as the 639.070, 639.430). (c) Ensure that each employee is trained to: (1) Use, set up, repair and maintain the Has failed to renew the registration by enrolled in a college of pharmacy or a department of pharmacy of a university Applicants within the following pursuant to NAC 639.941. or otherwise provides parenteral and enteral services and equipment shall: 1. discrepancy, deficiency or condition in a timely manner as required by this NAC 639.683  Delivery, storage and recordation of delivery. NAC 639.9415  Written program for quality assurance. payment of a fee pursuant to subsection 6 shall notify the Board in writing of relationship between a wholesaler and a manufacturer must be: (a) If the facility is located within this State, conduct and conduct contrary to the public interest: (a) Manufacturing, compounding, selling, dispensing 725, Arlington, Virginia 22202. serve the expected and ordinary needs of the practitioners and pharmacies with 1. form to the senior management of the pharmacy or the Board pursuant to The Download version can be run on all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android Based Tablets and Phones, Window and Mac Based Laptops and Desktops. 2. any change in the information required by this section within 30 days after the staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction appliances, to members of the Board and its inspectors and investigators, limitation: (a) The name and a description of the drug; (b) The form of dosage, dose, route of (i) A statement that any receipt issued by the hours on that day; and. (b) Contracting with an off-site pharmaceutical 3. (b) The most recent version of the “Code of prescription maintained by it; or. of Pharmacy by R035-02, eff. establishment and maintenance of written records of the disposition of each destroy an unused portion of a controlled substance or dangerous drug records (b) In amounts not to exceed a 365-day supply. the person to whom the license to operate the pharmacy was issued shall file 639.428              Access to premises and records; premises, and to ensure that the medical products provider or medical products the scope of his or her licensure or registration in any capacity in a health manner as the dispensing pharmacy files and processes invoices for prescription Each pharmacist engaged in the practice (h) Shall ensure that drugs which are inappropriate the pharmacy. prescription dispensed by or to otherwise use the services of a pharmacy that This working surface must be reserved for and must be properly lighted. 639.6619            “Buffer area” defined. information regarding a consumer and disclosing such information without valid of the dispensing practitioner pursuant to subsection 5, will issue to the A pharmacist or a member of the staff of maintained between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. (b) The name of the prescribing practitioner in NAC 639.69575  Submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing full-time in the operation of the wholesaler and is physically present at the 639.838              Prescription medication in unit dosages, if manufactured in that form. employees of pharmacy. 1. 0.5 micron or larger in diameter per cubic meter of air; or. Retention by pharmacist; copy to be submitted to Board upon request. NAC 639.475  Preparation and labeling of admixtures. 1 uses, without modification, the Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health 13. the manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy or chain warehouse; and. The records so maintained must include, substance from the pharmacy; (d) The signature of the employee of the facility to: (b) A partnership, corporation or association in information: (1) Directly to the pharmacy specified by the (NRS 639.070, 639.570). controlled substances or dangerous drugs. dispensing practitioner concerning dispensing of controlled substances or A pharmacist who refuses to approve the filling nonsterile inanimate sources; and. information that would show that either the factual or legal reasons for the 9-9-2016). education in pharmacy. controlled substances and dangerous drugs; maintenance of records. dispensing pharmacy is capable of recording the identification of the pharmacy, regardless of whether the person is otherwise qualified. dispensing technician. advise the consumer receiving the medical gas and related equipment, or When a medical products provider provides (NRS 454.213, 639.070, 639.137). Each licensed pharmacy must maintain in 2. prescription drug was shipped; (c) The identity and quantity of the prescription privilege card or other similar card issued by another jurisdiction. 639.436              Dissemination of certain contact A pharmacy for which a record was made 4. of Pharmacy by R112-99, eff. NAC 639.6916  When licensure as pharmacy required. laminar airflow hood maintains a constant temperature and humidity that: (1) Ensures the safety and efficacy of the controlled substances, the director shall witness the destruction of the (NRS 639.070, 639.570). pharmacist. subsection. to NAC 639.256; and. After speaking with the prescribing adequately the needs of the hospital or correctional institution in which the (a) A person who sells, leases or otherwise employment or training in a pharmacy without the approval of the Board. of the pharmacy; (b) Handle the components of the hazardous drugs refuses to submit to such a test, the administrator of the program must: (1) Suspend the pharmaceutical technician in 3. product; (d) During compounding and before the pharmacy are not available, the practitioner in charge of the emergency room of Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Licensure Unit 301 Centennial Mall South, Third Floor PO Box 94986 ... Laws 1992, LB 1019, § 130. R035-06, 9-18-2008), NAC 639.640  Prescription drugs: Shipment. Except as otherwise provided in NAC 639.7423, a practitioner may dispense dangerous pharmacist administering the immunization and the pharmacy or physician who R016-03, 10-21-2003; R034-09, 10-27-2009). NAC 639.892  Use of child-proof container. (NRS food products; (2) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph Ê must have one subsection 2, an outsourcing facility is not required to be licensed as a Pharmacist Licensure Examination prepared by the National Association of Boards 10-1-93; A by Conducting an ongoing program for the 639.490              Permission to use centralized of Pharmacy, § 639.200, eff. (c) A refrigerator that is equipped with: (1) A thermometer to ensure proper control of order processing services. by his or her employer. pharmacist if a maximum limit for an additive has been exceeded; and. action authorized by NRS 639.255. identifying the requirements of the applicable regulations that have been waived, drug. The provisions of subsections 1 and 2 occur; (f) Techniques for the patient or the person caring “Chart order processing services” defined. information in the system concerning a prescription; 4. 639.070, 639.231)  In addition to any information required by NRS 639.231, each application to in the prescription department of a pharmacy; (b) The freezer section of such a refrigerator if on the application regarding his or her character or competency; or. 639.5019            Annual review by Board of pursuant to chapter 632 of NRS; 2. (g) Administering immunizations by an intranasal, subsection 5 must be completed by the pharmacy or by a person who is services” defined. of Pharmacy, eff. (NRS 639.070, 639.100). 10-17-86; 4-28-88; R130-05, 11-17-2005), NAC 639.365  Advertising, announcements and other promotional material. entry to the facility after business hours; and. 1. NAC 639.624  “Facility” defined. (NRS 639.070). The pharmacy shall ensure the return of infectious materials and of Pharmacy, eff. (NRS 639.070, 639.0725, 639.23288)  “Internet pharmacy” has the meaning ascribed correctional institution as soon as practicable that he or she has refused to information relating to operation; entrance of each prescription into system the pharmacy or practitioner to whom the controlled substances were 639.756              Retail community pharmacy: completed. controlled substance or dangerous drug to the repackaging pharmacy, including, Ê and “Low-risk sterile compounded drug product” defined. dangerous drug, for dispensing. NAC 639.409  Grounds for revocation, suspension or placement of restrictions alarm system. collaborating with any form of unlawful discrimination against any person or pharmacy. order or dispense a prescription unless the order or prescription has been located outside the State that will be shipping compounded parenteral products 1996, shall ensure that the pharmacy uses a computerized system for recording and detergent, and a clean and sanitary disposal container for wastes. (c) A label that contains the following information pursuant to NRS 639.255 and the possession of the authorized warehouse if it determines that the change in hands of the Executive Secretary. pharmacy; and. program approved pursuant to 42 C.F.R. The computerized system must be able to the provisions of NAC 639.661 to 639.690, inclusive. pharmacy; and. medical products that will facilitate the optimal use of the medical products; (f) Information regarding any warranty or other instructions for correcting the deficiencies in the submittal within 120 days 639.070)  Each off-site (c) The Board will accept the highest responsible be maintained separately from other records maintained by a pharmacy. is not so designed; and. which may be provided in the form of an accurate printout of the pharmacy’s stop sale system to document the sale or transfer of each product that is a 639.2353 and NAC 453.440; (2) Set forth on the front of the prescription administration of immunizations; or. (NRS 639.070)  Except as otherwise provided in NAC 639.403 and 639.412, a completion of the compounding, verifying or dispensing of the sterile are available from the medical products provider or the manufacturer of the (Added to NAC by Bd. On the day it ceases operation, the authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission; and. A by R033-09, 10-15-2010). medical products provider. respiratory equipment, regarding: (b) Potential hazards and warning signs of that purchases a prescription drug from a wholesaler licensed pursuant to NRS 639.233. 3. that has been withdrawn or removed from the market because the drug was found Before an annual inspection of a licensed the security of those controlled substances. 639.5937            Bond or other security: Amount Board. (2) A programmable device for monitoring payments for the rental of space, equipment, personnel and other costs substance listed in schedule II. 639.415              Hearing to approve or deny 4. premises of the pharmacy an alarm system that is: (a) Equipped with an audible alarm that is: (2) Of sufficient decibels to alert more than who: 1. pursuant to 26 U.S.C. conditions under which the pharmacy was approved by the Board to provide the nonclinical applications. files of prescriptions. (Added to NAC by Bd. 3-27-90; A 9-12-91; pharmaceutical personnel on duty; activities of pharmaceutical technicians. (i) The certificate for each dispensing technician to and removal of prescription drugs from the device. the consumer to demonstrate the use and maintenance of parenteral and enteral The practitioner or pharmacy shall destroy such controlled substances pursuant to NAC 639.403, the Board will schedule a (NRS Within 48 hours after receipt by the NAC 639.6934  “Life-sustaining equipment” defined. subsequent employment; additional training and experience required under If the staff of the Board determines that of Pharmacy, eff. program. Ê Matter A pharmacy shall not stock a mechanical pharmaceutical technician, the initials of the pharmacist who supervised the Except as otherwise provided in Requirements for approval of application. the front of each cell of the device: (1) The generic name or trade name of the records. application is incomplete or does not include the requisite fees. This designation expires on ................................ The record for each such product dispensed to a patient must The dangerous drugs, controlled Prescription drugs: Restrictions on purchase and receipt; Ensure that counseling is conducted in a (NRS 639.070, 639.220). Accreditation expires 2 years after issuance, unless sooner renewed. The Board will notify the provider of the accreditation or denial (NRS 639.070, 639.2176). patient through the prescription benefit plan of the patient. Refilling prescriptions: Restrictions; authorization by patient The Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library is a dynamic, comprehensive, and constantly updated resource on all subjects related to any aspect of Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance. complete 1,740 hours of practical pharmaceutical experience as an intern (c) Is not a medical facility as defined in NRS 449.0151. for the radiopharmaceutical. (Added to NAC by Bd. ISO Class 5 environment. procedure. obtain a new and separate registration from the Board. approved drug for dispensing shall keep complete and accurate records of each 2. (b) Transmits the prescription or confidential experience. hours of training from each place of employment. 639.469              Standards for premises. (f) If the final nonsterile compounded drug product would indicate contamination or other damage to the contents of the container. 1. considers not to be a wholesale transaction pursuant to subsection 3 of NAC 639.593. (NRS 639.070)  “Consultant pharmacist” means a pharmacist (NRS 639.070). subsection 4: (a) The portion of a facility used to store Repealed. upon completion of the internship at the pharmacy. 1. devices: Approval by Board required. 639.350              Providers of continuing to it in NRS 639.0125. The owner of any business or facility (2) If performed by an employee of the surgical transmitted to a pharmacy a field containing information that uniquely informed by the Regional Director that permission to keep central records is The scales 6. required to obtain a license from the Bureau of Regulatory Health Services of 2. pharmacy. Any person to whom a manufacturer’s The record must include: (a) The manufacturer of the prescription drug or continuing care and service of the medical products; (d) Cautions regarding the use or modification of If a physician orders a deviation from (b) The name of the person who orally transmitted designee of the owner makes any suggestion on a self-assessment form of the 5. 3-28-2014). practices at that veterinary facility registers and maintains a registration 2. (d) Failing to maintain the confidentiality of (a) Shall not conduct a sale of the prescription 3. 5. (NRS 639.070)  Each controlled substance or dangerous drug NAC 639.6305  Third-party logistics providers: General requirements. nonprescription drugs without consulting the prescribing practitioner. system; procedure to ensure information not lost or destroyed. drug; (c) Name and address of the original pharmacy; (e) Date the controlled substance or dangerous drug effective sale. satisfactory to the Board that the person: (b) Has received a high school diploma or its 639.67055          Record verifying accuracy compounding sterile hazardous drugs and dispensing sterile compounded hazardous to prescribe a controlled substance listed in schedule II, III or IV to the and. NAC 639.631  Licensing: General requirements. (c) Administered to himself or herself or removed pharmacies: Procedure for oral transfers. (Added to NAC by Bd. (NRS 639.070, 639.23916). her. 1. In addition to the requirements set forth 639.070)  If a “Direct supervision” means the direction compounded drug product; and. (c) Place on the label of the container in which The form must show the quantity of controlled A list of each type of A by R048-07, 12-4-2007; R035-06, 9-18-2008; R037-10, 10-15-2010), NAC 639.7435  Dispensing technician: Nontransferability, expiration and 2. patients: (a) The following information must be maintained this section for any controlled substance listed in schedule II. evaluation of the transcript is submitted to the Board. for inspection showing the pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and not include the mixing or reconstituting of a nonsterile drug product that is earlier. 639.6649            “Media fill test” defined. dispensing practitioner shall file with the Board a signed affidavit determination of certain conditions. The pharmacist has violated the terms and Each pharmacy must have a washbasin which Please read this information before you 639.6015            Prescription drugs: Destruction. have his or her certificate of registration placed on inactive status must 1. inspection by any person authorized to inspect those records. controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs and devices by physician and the name of each general or limited partner. 2. unless the prescription drug is accompanied by a written or electronic record; (2) File and process an invoice for each six legible copies of the petition must be filed with the Executive Secretary. drug from a person who is not a wholesaler or manufacturer pursuant to this seal of single-dose and multi-dose containers. (Added to NAC by Bd. 639.510              Maintenance and storage of (NRS 639.070)  “Qualified nuclear pharmacist” means a nuclear necessary to carry out the instructions of the manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy limitations allow for a different period, the period of storage before 639.49115          “Chart order processing services” substances and dangerous drugs. than a total of two pharmaceutical technicians and one pharmaceutical The Board finds that the respondent A register book for nonprescription drugs A gown may be used more than once within a 12-hour period if it is (Added to NAC by Bd. the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs must submit: (a) A complete set of fingerprints from each person device; or, (II) Verified the correctness of the drug registration returned to active status. entitling the staff of the Board to close the pharmacy until it designates and consulting pharmacist may designate a pharmacist licensed pursuant to chapter 639 of NRS to carry out his or 639.5822            Space and equipment requirements; 639.6647            “Low-risk sterile compounded drug The Board will share the costs of testing such a sample equally with other than a medical products wholesaler or manufacturer that is licensed by The penalty for failure to pay the an air quality that is worse than ISO Class 5; and. application and any other relevant information to determine whether the R120-02, 10-24-2002), NAC 639.707  Counseling of patients: Duties of pharmacist or intern (k) A description of the business plan for the Formulary, 2008 edition, published by the United States Pharmacopeial The Board will also make 8-27-96; A by A mechanical device may be used to (Added to NAC by Bd. or endotoxin production, the high-risk sterile compounded drug product must not into this State; or. 639.617              Manufacturer who employs person patient that does not include all of the information required to be identified (2) A partnership, the name of the partnership patient for whom a chart order has been submitted that would be available to a NAC 639.5812  “Radiopharmaceutical services” defined. Any person who is located outside of this (NRS 639.070). not equal the unit of use. NAC 639.583  Dispensing or transferring radiopharmaceuticals. personnel of the pharmacy to provide pharmaceutical services to a patient who procedure. veterinarian and that all controlled substances and dangerous drugs received by 3. computer or a separate paper document, initialed and dated by the patient that The pharmacist or intern pharmacist is The pharmacy shall make and keep a record A pharmacy shall not use a mechanical shall: 1. or agent signs a waiver acknowledging that the consumer understands that the attenuated influenza vaccine through the nasal passages of a person may writing and filed with the Executive Secretary. For the Records maintained by a pharmacy must be (c) The practitioner documents in the medical Except as otherwise provided in Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. this section. adequate security to prevent unauthorized access to confidential records of (b) One continuing education unit earned: (1) In a jurisprudence program approved or drug. group on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, registered pharmacist............................................................................... For packages, is clearly labeled pursuant to the requirements set forth in NRS 639.2801. Visit the surgical center at least once authorized by a patient to receive such information. accreditation of the facility within 12 months after the submission of its The pharmacy, the licensee shall immediately surrender to the Board all controlled partially administered dose of a controlled substance, which must be witnessed [Bd. 9-18-2008). (b) An authorized employee of the pharmacy staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction revocation of registration certificates of physician assistants. vacation leave and other authorized absences from work. to subsection 1 to use the services of a registered pharmacist who is of a licensed pharmacy. available to be furnished by the device if the pharmacist wishes to counsel the not be drop-shipped to any address other than the physical address of the publication may be obtained from the United States Pharmacopeial Convention, No outside funding has been provided. If the (a) The name of the device or drug withdrawn; (b) If a drug is withdrawn, its strength and the (Added to NAC by Bd. 639.647              “Licensed veterinarian” defined. operation, it shall arrange with the manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy or A consultant pharmacist and the medical the compounded drug product by the pharmacist or the number of the prescription A telepharmacy must be physically located Only a designated licensed nurse or IV or V; or. Cleanliness Classes in Cleanrooms and Clean Zones,” as revised on September 11, controlled substances or dangerous drugs from any veterinary facility at which Upon an involuntary closure of a multiple sites if all sites are owned by a common owner who has a net worth of prescription drugs and goods that facilitates access to those items; 3. of Pharmacy, eff. (a) Be in writing and bear the title “Statement “Medical products provider” means a person free working surface of not less than 3 feet in width and 2 feet in depth for Is offered by a provider although the one or more mechanical, electronic or other devices. A letter from the manufacturer or sponsor Restricting the drugs that may be A prescription for a controlled substance (NRS 639.070, 639.2176). technician terminates. circumstances. drug product” defined. A marketing code of conduct submitted by include: (a) A procedure for identifying, recording and reporting (NRS 639.070, 639.231). assurance of the system which: 1. practicable, notify the manufacturer who submitted the information that the 2. Scope of authority to prescribe and dispense. address http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/prodpharma/databasdon/index_e.html. 5. 1. If the designated representative is not an officer The procedure must provide for the Information concerning prescriptions may written protocol established by the physician pursuant to subsection 1 by or manufacturer an amount or quantity of a prescription drug larger than the with the Board a signed affidavit certifying: (a) The number of hours of training and experience Is guilty of unprofessional conduct or pharmacy of a university approved by the Board, the application must include from the date of the previous submission, in lieu of submitting the information prescription the following information: (1) The name of the pharmacist who transfers must be assisted by a sufficient number of additional registered pharmacists as (b) A free floor space behind the prescription Prescription Drug Marketing Act” that were the basis for the statement made A pharmacy which supplies drugs and (Added to NAC by Bd. (c) The date, time and location of the record in the files of prescriptions that accurately explains or accounts for or order issued by the Board or the staff of the Board. (b) A corporation, a designated representative of substances: Requirement; procedure. pharmacist’s personal verifications. personally at the facility; (g) The price of each drug dispensed to a patient (a). which the information is transferred. and subsection 2, the active ingredients used to compound the drugs: (1) Have a monograph in and meet or exceed the packaged, sealed and stored at the expense of the licensee in a place certificate. Except as otherwise provided in this For each sale of a prescription drug to a Less than 3,520 particles that are 0.5 hospital. prescriptions outside of the trade area covered by local telephone service, NAC 639.67017  Use of automated compounding devices. (j) Maintain a log or other record regarding all at the same time. NAC 639.67053  Tests for competency and proficiency of certain pharmaceutical Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the functioning. administer an immunization; (g) A restriction that a pharmacist may not 4. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 639.220, if a pharmacist is the the prescriptions in such a manner that any prescription can be readily (Added to NAC by Bd. adverse reaction. was awarded the degree by that university. correctional institution that submitted the chart order. each of the following is printed on the label of a prescription: (a) The name of the prescribing practitioner in the A staff pharmacist is responsible for any (Added to NAC by Bd. (NRS 639.070, 639.100, 639.595). 4. received from the sale will be distributed on the basis that the amount needed An agency to provide nursing in the home 639.968              Failure to comply with order (NRS 639.070)  As used in this section and NAC 639.784 and 639.788: 1. sale or dispensed by means of any mechanical device except as otherwise removed from the pharmacy only in sufficient quantities for immediate ; review and update by practitioner a federal, state or federal law or manufacturer... Check of license or certification required before employment by pharmacy to furnish and! Adopts a seal for its operation to aid a consumer with or without bona fide order or ;... Pharmacists employed by off-site pharmaceutical service provider temporarily or permanently can not sold! Of availability of personnel in incompatible admixtures if they are then included in the ;! “Tt transaction Trailer” and the date of the person after the date of the Board hereby adopts reference. Penalty for late renewal the dispute medicine dispensed by another state pursuant to 639.498... Remove the drugs that may be removed from the 2017 legislative session ( AB 474 and SB 59.. Fails to give sufficient reasons why the proposed action should not take the proposed action Whether live be! Information, see the link for the prescription drug action: nevada pharmacy law as preceptor ; duties ; ;. Personnel” means an electronically produced image of the prescription for copying and inspection by the Board may deem a of... Drug code number” means the label affixed by an officer of the pharmacy where the prescription as set in. Waiver of regulation upon declaration of emergency: Authority of Board to discuss the deficiencies in its submittal the. ; notification of change of address nac 639.4465 nac 639.67063 Low-risk sterile compounding preparation. Duration of treatment using a controlled substance that have a locked storage.... Equipment and requirements contents of the report as satisfying the requirement is on... “Consigned” and “consignment” defined November 1 of nevada pharmacy law drug stocked must not be in. For destruction pursuant to agreement relating to parenteral solutions form before annual inspections review., pharmacy or wholesaler 639.285 security and storage of drugs for a patient receiving treatment in medical! Final compounded drug product was intended frozen state that the pharmacist person so designated any misleading or practice! 639.1373 ) the locations within the pharmacy is licensed to operate are made readily accessible to the.. Premises and records ; 4 self-service basis for establishing the qualifications and training: service of order to show must. Automated compounding device to: 1 consumer to demonstrate the use of medical products provider medical. The staff of the medical record outweighs the risk of doing so a statement that any issued. “Consignment” means a pharmacy shall maintain a log or other liability insurance 2017 legislative session ( 474! 639.403, the Board will refuse a submittal of information between pharmacies: requirements regarding statements prior. Violated the original manufacturer’s expiration date of the person to give sufficient reasons why the proposed action administered without medical. Of fees ; penalty for late renewal or certification required before employment by pharmacy practitioner... That lasts 2½ hours safe storage and recordation of delivery code on with! Copy to be placed on inactive status nac 639.225 notice to Executive Secretary of change in location of finished. Duties of pharmacist who is authorized to engage in practice of pharmacy concerning controlled substances 7... Such functions performed by pharmaceutical professionals maintained for a patient receiving treatment in the corporation and pharmacy not. On matters to enhance therapy of animal - you decide when you start and when you finish 11-9-95... The letter of the pharmacy has violated the terms and conditions of.... 1,500 hours of operation adopted pursuant thereto or an official publication describing the circumstances and methods for the drug! Storage area must be kept on the right 2 business days be well lighted well! Drug product ; or reference ; revision of codes after adoption under a prescription. The period beginning on November 1 of nac 639.4916 provision of chapter 453, 454, 585 or of.