Husband had tried to find the right nozzle replacement but had trouble. Step 8 View Full Version : Sink sprayer stuck HELP! Now urgent situation! Step 6 Pull the hose through the hole on the top of the sink. A faucet with a separate sink sprayer can help with cleaning and dishes, but when the sprayer no longer does its job, it can cause some frustration. Re: Kitchen Sink Sprayer won't turn off. Solution. Remove any gaskets attached to the hose. teecee082. for the most part, they are generic. The sink sprayer that was leaking a little, now popped off, so water gushes up, making sink unusable. The issue will be resolved by replacing the sprayhead. Feb 5, 2004, 04:53 AM. A kitchen pull-out sprayer can be an invaluable tool at the sink when washing or rinsing dishes. Fix A Moen Kitchen Sink Sprayer That Is Stuck On Moen kitchen sprayers are a convenient feature to have for your sink. Re: Kitchen Sink Sprayer won't turn off immediately; Author: e-plumber (NY) I'd agree that the spray nozzle itself is defective and maybe a coincidence that the diverter, (inside of the faucet) could be in need of replacement, wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. it has been sticking for months. Water continues to flow out of the faucet spout when you’re using the sink sprayer. I am a single mom of three and my sink sprayer is stuck on so I cannot use the kitchen sink. Also said hose was stuck on where it joins so replacing set was a problem. replace the head, it is stuck open. The sprayer pulsates like a machine gun. After the kitchen sink sprayer … Check to see if any of the washers or nuts have become corroded or dislodged while you're at it. To check this, remove the sink sprayer head and turn on the faucet. How to Fix a Sink Sprayer That Won't Spray. it worked better for … Loosen the sprayer by turning the bolts underneath the sprayer at the sink. Button is missing from sprayhead. Over time, dirt and debris collect in the sprayhead causing the internal diverter to no longer divert water properly between the different spray functions. Step 7 Clean the surface where the sprayer was located. Step 3 - Repair. Loosen the nut at the top near the faucet, NOT the sprayer and with the hose loosened twist it away from the drain. I have to keep it pointed in the sink to avoid getting sprayed. recently I took it apart and soak it in vinegar thinking it was calcium buildup. 1. but, bring along the old head just to … Spray buttons on sprayhead have worn out. The sprayer hose has a circular 'cast' to it. The Grohe pullout sprayer works best with adequate water pressure, and if your pressure has dropped temporarily, it may affect the pullout's ability to switch between stream and spray. If the water flow out of the hose is weak, the diverter is to blame. Now re-tighten the nut by the faucet. Step 2 Inspect the pullout's hose and the connection under the sink if you have adequate water pressure. Author: packy (MA) if you unscrew the sprayer head, water is supposed to come from the hose when you turn on the faucet. A bad sprayer head can cause this, but more often the diverter is the culprit. is it possible to fix a stuck kitchen sink sprayer the darn thing won't turn off. I am fairly "handy" and able to use tools. Moen makes several different models of kitchen sprayers, but they all operate in a similar way. If unhooked from both ends and thrown onto the floor it would lay in a circular form. The sprayer makes it easier to clean large pots and pans. HELP!! Can anyone advise me on how to fix this! Depending on how the sink sprayer is put together, you will either need a pair of pliers or a wrench to separate the hose from the base. For years, sinks have come with sprayer kits that fit into sink cut-outs and have coiled up hoses that connect easily to kitchen plumbing. labman.